Inherent Wellness

Deborah D. Ortiz



My name is Deborah D. Ortiz. I have been a licensed Massage Therapist since 2000 and have enjoyed both studying and practicing bodywork since then. In 2012, after giving birth to my daughter, certain health issues began to manifest including fatigue, low immunity, and head pressure that would sometimes last for weeks. During this time, I entered a process of seeking help, which was a journey that took some time. One of the many gifts that came from this experience was that I sought a quality of care that was different from what I was familiar with. 

 During my first Craniosacral treatment my mind doubted that such subtle work could address the complexity of what my body was struggling with. This doubt shifted into moments of deep receptivity and quelling as the practitioners hands followed invisible lines of tension with gentle precision.  I was educated on what they were doing and became aware of the power of each small release in relation to my overall constitution. The biggest impression I had while walking away was that I felt rested for the first time in years. The head pressure had subsided and it was as if my entire system was reset. I was drawn to study this work because it seemed to address the deeper needs of my body which I, nor any doctor had not been able to figure out. 

My work incorporates Craniosacral Therapy and Visceral Manipulation. Along with working with specific restrictions, these therapies address the central nervous system which when balanced promote greater overall resilience and well being. I love this type of work because it encourages the inherent health of the body rather than trying to fix it. In my experience, there is a vast difference and the tools that I continue to learn support this philosophy.  I hope to see you in my practice!